How do I add height to a small garden?

Small Garden Arches and Pergolas

Depending on the layout of your small garden and the relationship between planting beds, lawn and paths, why not consider an arch or narrow pergola ? These simple garden structures help to break up the vista and lead the eye through from area to area. They provide support for climbing plants and space where pot hangers can display your seasonal blooming favourites ! Admittedly, there is a wide range already available on the market and in all kinds of materials from plastic through wood and metal but they can be pricey and don’t always offer the flexibility you might need for your specific needs. So why not consider making your own inexpensive but tailored and highly effective arch or pergola ?

It couldn`t be easier. In this example, and to ensure that the arch spanned the width of the garden path with sufficient room to spare, we took three pieces of 6` x 1`5” strong trellis and six lengths of 7`6” x 2” x 2” tanellised timber to construct a straightforward arch in our St Albans terraced garden project.  Side panels are formed by screwing through the outside of the side posts into one of the trellis panels. Make sure that you leave both adequate length of post to make it secure in the ground whilst leaving good headroom. The top panel posts can be cut to appropriate length for whatever span is required. We then screwed side panels to the top panel and added a light, angled bracing strut, as shown on the photograph. This year it will host fast growing annual climbers (Cobea and Thunbergia) adding height, form and interest to this small garden.

Remember to keep the scale of the structure in keeping with the size of your garden – nothing too monolithic ! and do use treated timber to ensure your arch lasts. Use postcrete or post spike supports to the side uprights stability in the ground and join parts using outdoor fixings, such as decking screws.



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