Plant of the Week

And the plant of the week is Heuchera! From the family Saxifragaceae, Heuchera is an evergreen, herbaceous perennial native to North America and commonly known as Coral Bells. These pretty plants will happily grow and flourish in most soil types and conditions from full sun to semi shade. You will find, however, that the darker leaved varieties will do better in full sun than their lighter counterparts. They will not thank you for waterlogged soil so choose a well drained position if you can or otherwise, for more heavy clay soils, add a good helping of grit and organic matter.

Heuchera are fully hardy and may provide leaf interest all year round in warmer parts of the country but these wonderful border perennials are really coming into their own at this time of year. Having provided some welcome colour through the dull winter months, they now spread their wings in Spring, putting on new growth and sending up their rich flower stems which will mostly last all summer long, providing a welcome additional food source for your pollinators.

Coming in a huge variety of colours and textures with plain and variegated forms, Heuchera is great value in a mixed border.

Positives: Our plant of the week has a huge range of varieties and colours, it is very easy to split (always a consideration for us in producing new free plants !) and gives great ground cover.

Negatives: It can be a bit of a target for vine weevil. Whilst it does do well in most positions in the garden, as always, read the plant labels and follow the advice. To combat vine weevil,use nematodes for an organic solution.

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