What should I be doing in the garden in May?

The days are getting progressively longer and warmer- thank goodness ! You can start planning to plant out summer bedding towards the end of the month. For spring bulbs, don`t cut the leaves once the flowers have bloomed and gone but let them die back, restoring energy to the bulbs for next year. If you have your bulbs in the ground, a dash of liquid feed around the clump will help.

Get more from your water by watering early and late and if you are not already doing it, think about ways in which you can store or harvest rainwater in these times of climate change !

Summer hanging baskets should also be planted up and don`t forget to add some assistance to moisture retention such as perlite. As always, keep an eye on those weather forecasts for any sign of a surprise late frost and be ready to fleece up your precious plants !

Divide Hostas as they come into growth – remember, plant division may take a little extra work but will provide dozens of extra plants for free !

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